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Bani Thani with a Pair of Lotus Buds

Bani Thani with a Pair of Lotus Buds

This ‘Lady of fashion’ was a singer and a poet in Kishangarh in the time of Raja Sawant Singh, who later was her consort. Bani Thani means, ‘decked out lady’, because of the exquisite jewellery and vibrant makeup that she used to adorn herself with after becoming a queen.

The painter has depicted this gracious lady with supremely elegant features including arched eyebrows, lotus-like elongated eyes and a pointed chin; her side pose and left hand carries a pair of lotus buds as pure as the lady herself, while the right one holds her beautiful red chunri that slides through her head symbolic of her shyness and deep love that she seems to hide in her face gestures. The love and romance of this respected couple, King Sawant Singh and Bani Thani is associated with the life of Krishna and Radha as the king was greatly devoted towards Krishna and after he abdicated the throne, the couple retired and lead a comfortable life in Vrindavan.

This masterpiece reminds us of the centuries old Rajasthani style of Indian painting, where artists transmit their romantic and religious passions into fresh visual images of individualistic facial types and religious intensity. Framed in royal red borders complementing her attires that glow sharply in the dark cosmic background; that red sober smile on her fair plumage makes us go through her thoughts of love for the king; decked up with royal jewels all over her body and the long black hair locks portray her as waiting for her lover to come and share that passion of love.

Item Code: WL10
Water Color Painting On Silk Fabric
11.5 inches X 15.5 inches

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