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The Blues of Love

The Blues of Love
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Saurabh Bharara is one of those artist with the capability of entrancing the onlookers with his deep artistry. In this painting, he has created a bewitching and meaningful scene that is depicted through an aesthetic lady whose face is blurred with a tinge of blue to reveal only her casted down eyes, a lovely nose and pursed lips that are complimented by her charcoal black Bob styled hair that sways with the advancing wind. Her thin long hands are painted in a shade of blue, sadly contrasted by half a dozen different colored roses that range from baby pink to white to olive green as she loosely holds them in her left hand, metaphorically defining her current state of mind.

The lady wears a Turkish blue halter neck dress that blows away in the wind however she is depicted not to care. Her background is hued in a lovely blend of blue, grey and back tints, further carving in to show a closed door that enhances her backdrop. The amazing brush strokes define the fabulous artistry as the painter doesn't miss even a single detail as he swiftly etches this illustration in the brilliant canvas.

The entire piece conveys the essence of rejection. It's gloomy nature encapsulates the feelings and emotions of the broken girl who has suffered immense pain in love which has shattered her heart that still lights up in the hope of love, and is portrayed through the vibrant and bright array of the blooming roses. This painting is the most exact and accurate picture of the depression and stress that follows in a toxic relationship and turns out to be one of the best and most relatable contemporary arts that are worth cherishing, thus, playing an immense role in your character building and being your perfect partner in the journey of life.

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Item Code: OT02
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Saurabh Bharara
36.0 inch X 48.0 inch

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