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Creating Her Own Raga for a Thunderous Night

Creating Her Own Raga for a Thunderous Night
A beige-complexioned woman with lovely features and henna-colored hair is painted with amazing brush strokes, depicting the lass in a lapis blue chest length choli, coupled with her dusty amber and a spotted lehenga that contrast with her sequined scarlet-red waistband that droops down the lehenga. Her translucent sparkling dupatta fails to cover her beautiful hair as she closes her almond eyes with the remarkable raag that she plays from her coin gray and golden sitar, by the riverside, making the birds entranced in her tune, while they sit on the sitar's kunti.

The lady is adorned with fire gold bangles and exquisite armbands. Her hair is ornamented with a crystal maang tikka, along with a matha patti that skillfully drapes down her hair. Her sleek Greek nose is pierced with a beautiful nose ring and her protruding ears are blessed with splendid moonstone drop earrings. The long neck is amazingly portrayed as a hub of jewels with alluring pearl choker necklace and an entrancing layered crystal beaded opera. Her fingertips are illustrated with henna and her graceful feet are embellished with glittery anklets which are a pleasure to watch.

Bright red apples and lime colored bananas sit on a gold painted plate that is accompanied with a bulgy golden water vessel and a saucer. Her backdrop is carved with great handiwork, to show a thunderous night, with lotus blooming in the river as the lush drees are engulfed in darkness. Lightning bolts are beautifully captured, alongside the high brown mountains, yet depicting all the birds and ducks to be bewitched in the lady's music.

An aura of peace prevails, depicting a strong connection with nature. The onlookers are even lost in the mystique music of the elegant sitar, making it a secretive yet entrancing moment between them and the divine art.

This item can be backordered
Time required to recreate this artwork
6 to 8 weeks
Advance to be paid now
$74.00 (20%)
Balance to be paid once product is ready
Item Code: MK32
Watercolor Painting On Paper
Artist: Navneet Parikh
10 inch X 13.0 inch

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