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Devi Annapoorna Bestows Nourishment

Devi Annapoorna Bestows Nourishment
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Devi Annapoorna is the brightest jewel amongst the devis of the Hindu pantheon. Her name could be resolved into two syllables: ‘anna’, which is the Sanskrt word for foodgrain, and ‘poorna’, which conveys a sense of fulfillment and/or nourishment. Veritably by bestowing anna off Herself, She becomes poorna. As such, to give is no drain on Her; such is the depth of the nourishment and love resident within Her.

In the oil painting that you see on this page, the iconography of this unusual Devi has been captured with perfection. It depicts the Devi seated in beauteous splendour as She gives anna to Lord Shiva. She is gently scooping the foodgrains out of a bejewelled gold pot and pouring them into His hands as He stands before Her in a stance of deep gratitude. Indeed She is a manifestation of His wife, the Devi Parvati Herself, who is the power behind His cosmic force.

Her sumptuous saree of red silk, the symbol of femininity and youth. Luxuriant proportions of gold and jewels on Her curves. Golden vessels piled on with the finest edible offerings at Her feet, afore Her kingly velvet throne. The personal iconography of Lord Shiva intact, His smokey golden halo matching Hers in its glamour. These are the elements that make this composition a distinctive, replete one.

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Item Code: OV04
Oil Painting on Canvas
36 inch x 48 inch

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