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Paintings > Thangka > Buddha > Dharmaraja Yama with Yami (Tibetan Buddhist)
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Dharmaraja Yama with Yami (Tibetan Buddhist)

Dharmaraja Yama with Yami (Tibetan Buddhist)

Dharmaraja Yama with Yami (Tibetan Buddhist)

In Hinduism, Yama is the god of death. Among his other names are the king of ancestors, the Restrainer, the King of Ghosts, and of course, the Dharmaraja or King of Justice. His most popular association is that of death and but he is also revered as a deity with excellent judgment on one's past and deeds (lord of justice). He is said to be the sun of Sun God Visvavasu and Conscience (Sarnyu-samjna). His most popular family member is Yami or his twin sister. In the Vedas, he is described as the first man who died, fitting for his role now as the lord of death. He is depicted in this thangka as a god with dark blue skin, akin to rain clouds. He is also riding a buffalo with his sister Yami on his side. Notice that his aura is surrounded by flames as stories mention of Yama being the first one to die and blazed the path of mortality down with him.

In this painting, he can be seen carrying a rod (light in color as it is believed to have been from the sun). On his other hand is a noose as a symbol of him being a god of death who catches soul. the painting also uses a dark and bold palette, showcasing darkened skies that symbolize death or the night. Black is also used in the backdrop to signify him as presiding the south and the land of the dead. Yama and Yami are also drawn in the middle of gold rays. Yami can also be seen holding a skull cap. The buffalo is drawn black as it is an animal associated with death, and Yama riding it is a symbol of him conquering the afterlife. Offerings on skull caps can also be seen at the lower part of the thangka.

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Tibetan Thangka Painting

Size of Painted Surface 11.5 inch X 15.5 inch
Size with Brocade 23 inch X 37 inch
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Dharmaraja Yama with Yami (Tibetan Buddhist)
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  • This tanka doesn't look like Yamntaka to me more Yama Dharmaraja with consort
    by David Seymour on 7th Oct 2014
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