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Fish Pair in Pond and Peacock Pair With Tree of Life

Fish Pair in Pond and Peacock Pair With Tree of Life
The Tree of Life is a widely recognizable motif that represents creation and life. It is found in Indian art and even beyond and can be considered a universal symbol for life. As early as the Vedic period, there have been references on the tree of life. It is believed to be called as such as it is considered a manifestation of the Divine, a dwelling place of gods. This stunning Madhubani painting presents an artistic take on the usual representation of Tree of Life by adding peacocks and fish into the picture.

At the foot of the tree is a pond were a pair of fish can be seen facing each other. The fish (shaped like a yoni) is often considered as a symbol of fertility. It is also believed to be the first creations from the sacred rivers wherein it can freely swim and life, undisturbed by disasters like floods. Under the fish is a lotus flower which symbolizes divine power. Outside the pond sits a pair peacocks. These beautiful birds are also associated with power as they can eat snakes and survive the poison. Its eye-catching plumage does not only showcase its grace, but it is also believed to contain "eye" patterns on the feathers as protection to the evil eye. As a vehicle to Saraswati, the bird is also a symbol of love and beauty. The painting features soft hues of red and pink. Together with the signature Madhubani style of detailed and pattern-filled imagery, this soft palette creates a rosy picture of life and creation.

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Item Code: DO48
Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper
Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)
Artist: Poonam Devi
20 inch x 28 inch

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