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Gaze Of Womanly Devotion

Gaze Of Womanly Devotion
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It is custom for Indian women to bathe themselves in the morning and don an exquisite shringar to take a trip to the temple. This lady is doing exactly that. She has draped a rich peach saree, teamed with a turquoise blouse, around her ample curves. The thick floral zari on her saree matches the chunky gold pieces on her wrists, along the hairline and the parting, her roseate earlobes, and down her luscious braid. Her eyes and her mouth have been formed in the best proportions of a woman, surpassing the appeal of the rubies and emeralds she wears. Her puja thali is replete with quintessential ingredients: ripe coconut, leaves of the endemic bel, fresh flowers, sweets, turmeric, and vermillion.

The pillar in the background with its lotus motifs is typical of temple entrances of the South. She has taken a step or two up towards the temple that houses her parlokiya devta (god of the latter realm), but she pauses and looks back. It is her ihlokiya devta (god of the current realm, her husband) her loving eyes rest on, whose chariot has turned away after he dropped her there. Her gaze is resolute - she will resume her steps only when his chariot has gone beyond the point where her vision could reach. Note how her large eyes, set off by the curve of the brow resembling the unshut wings of an albatross, are brimming with intense admiration and devotion for him.

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Item Code: OV64
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
36 inch x 48 inch

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