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The Journey Of Devi Sarasvati

The Journey Of Devi Sarasvati
A serene Devi Sarasvati traverses through cool verdant grass on the back of Her swan. As fair and gentle as its mistress, the swan is Her vahana. Note the beauty of its silhouette, the stateliness of its form, the intelligence of its eye. Besides the pristine creature, there is much to the iconography of Devi Sarasvati that tells the viewer a great deal about Her importance in Hindu culture.

In the anterior hands of the Chaturbhujadharini (the one possessed of four arms) are the veena and the pothi (Sanskrt scripture). As the wife of Lord Brahma, the deity of srishti (creative projection), She is the presiding deity over learning and the fine arts. The same are indispensable to the cosmic role of Lord Brahma. In addition to this, Devi Sarasvati is the fairest Devi of the Hindu pantheon, Her temper the sweetest, Her demeanour the finest.

Clad in a red and amber saree, She nestles amongst the soft feathers of Her swan. She counts the beads on the rosary to occupy Herself in the course of Her journey. A fresh-stemmed lotus is betwixt Her fingers, its petals as delicately coloured as Her face is beauteous. The skies are a familiar yellow colour, which betrays the prevailing godhuli lagna (a tell-tale pre-sunset hour observed in the tropical belt).

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Item Code: HM89
Water Color Painting on Paper
Artist:Kailash Raj
8 inch X 10 inch

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