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Haloed Venugopala on his Cow Surabhi

Haloed Venugopala on his Cow Surabhi
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This is a fabulous Kalamkari painting consisting of Shri Venugopal Bhagwan, made up on cotton fabric and also known as Pattachitra. This vaishnav Kalakari (craft) is an alluring masterpiece depicting Lord Krishna with mother cow and is one the most creative composition of the Kalamkari School of Art.

Shri Krishna’s most dearest name is Govinda (the lover of cows) which is very much close to his heart. This beautiful name has been given to him by his lovable ‘Surabhi” (The Goddess of all the cows), this shows that how much he is attached to the holy cow. We can also see that the cow is looking upwards as she tries to pluck leaves from trees to satisfy her hunger; standing along with the ‘Sacred Gau’ in the divine forest of the supreme transcendental land of Shri Vrindavan with the Urdhava Pundra on the wide forehead along with a red Shri in between.

Just look at the detailed view of this magnificent portrait; each and every drawing of it contains numerous other illustrations and amazes us by its one another revealing kalakari. The creamy figures over the vast orange background increases the attraction of people towards it as it owns the classical, well patterned figures.

Item Code: PU99
Kalamkari Painting on Cotton
42 inches X 68 inches

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