Her Bed is Ready, Only the Lover is Missing (Vasakasajja Nayika)

Her Bed is Ready, Only the Lover is Missing (Vasakasajja Nayika)

Item Code: HJ55
Water Color on Paper
10.8 inches X 7.0 inches
The Medieval Indian text Rasamanjari outlines eight different types of heroines in Indian literature and arts. Known as 'nayikas', these eight are:

1). Proshitpatika: One who awaits her husband who has gone abroad on an extended journey.

2). Khandita Nayika: The heroine who is angry with her lover and remonstrates him.

3). Kalahantarita: The nayika who first remonstrates her lover but is then filled with remorse.

4). Vipralabdha Nayika: One who waits in vain for her lover to appear at the appointed rendezvous.

5). Utka: The fervent heroine awaiting her lover.

6). Vasakasajja: She who waits for her lover with her bed prepared.

7). Svadhinpatika: One whose husband is under her full control and ever ready to do her bidding.

8). Abhisarika Nayika: The heroine who goes outdoors to keep her tryst with her lover.

The heroine of this painting is Vasakasajja Nayika, seated against a large bolster close to her bed on an elaborate floral carpet. Having carefully set the bed for the impending union pf passions, she is now finally giving finishing touches to her own makeup, coiling up her sensuous hair. The invitation to her lover is complete with the garland on the bed, and the half open door making her intentions amply clear.

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