Homages To The Twenty-One Taras, From Ancient Indian Tantric Texts

Homages To The Twenty-One Taras, From Ancient Indian Tantric Texts

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If this thangka were to be an aural experience, as opposed to the visual aid that it is, it would translate to the sound of om tare tuttare ture svaha. It is the mantra of the central figure, the gorgeous Green Tara, who is born of the tears of Avalokiteshvara. Hence She is the embodiment of His compassion, floating in a sea of silks and petals. She is surrounded by twenty-one Tara Devis, each of whom has been expounded in early Indian Tantric texts. These Taras are very important to the singular mandala offering made in monasteries to Green Tara - it is a complex visualisation of the whole universe, in all its beauty and perfection, as an offering to Her.

The name of the Devi is derived from the Sanskrit root of the verb that means 'to ferry across'. So Green Tara is the saviouress, She ferries the devotee across the ocean of samsara to nirvana. She reaches out to us to enable us to transcend the world as we know it, the very picture of Enlightenment in a form that is relatable and beauteous. She is none of and more than the numerous Taras that you could see on this thangka, each with Her own aureole, seated in poorna-padmasana and dressed in raiment fit for the otherworldly devis. They look down at us with infinite compassion and patience, no matter who you choose to fixate on at any given point in time.

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Tibetan Buddhist Thangka Painting
Size of Painted Surface 20 inch X 29 inch
Size with Brocade 31.5 inch x 56 inch

Tara is one of the most important Vajrayana Goddess, and out of her many forms, the Green Tara is considered as the most dynamic manifestation. Her green color symbolizes youthful vigor and activity.

She is depicted here in a posture of ease with right leg extended, signifying her readiness to spring into action. The left leg is folded in the contemplative position on the lotus pedestal, the two together thus symbolizing the integration of wisdom and art.

Her left hand, in the gesture of granting refuge holds the stem of a blue lotus that floats over her left shoulder as a symbol of purity and power. With her right hand she makes the boon-granting gesture.

The followers of Green Tara believe that her special powers will help overcome dangers, fears, and anxieties, and that she will grant wishes. She is also believed to help one cross over from danger to safety or from suffering to happiness.

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