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The Iconographic Perfection Of Devi Saraswati

The Iconographic Perfection Of Devi Saraswati
Devi Saraswati has no equal in terms of learning and refinement. As such, these attributes of Brahmapriya (the favourite of Her husband, Lord Brahma) find expression in Her unmistakable iconography. This classical painting of Saraswati Mata is replete with the same, of which the veena in Her delicate hands and the white of Her saree are the most prominent.

In fact, the colour white dominates the palette of this work. Her skin is dewy, the unusual colour of crushed olives. A milk-white swan, Her vahana, is seated in perfect stillness behind Her. Her asana is a gigantic lotus in full bloom, its pristine petals featuring undertones of powdery pink and gold. The waters flowing underneath are calm and clear as crystal.

There is so much of the dynamic in this painting. If you gaze into this painting long enough, you could almost observe the displacement of the swans flying in the background and see the flora in the foreground sway in the breeze. The brushstrokes employed at the waters convey a sense of gentle motion. From the tilt of Her neck and the direction of Her gaze, it seems that She is in close communion with the miniscule swans and lotus-buds in the stream, as if She is playing to infuse them with life and nourishment.

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Time required to recreate this artwork
4 to 6 weeks
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£29.25 (20%)
Balance to be paid once product is ready
Item Code: OS33
Oil on Canvas
36 inches X 24 inches

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