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Krishna-The Most Beautiful Musician

Krishna-The Most Beautiful Musician

‘Vansi Vibhushit Kara Navneer Dabhaat, Pitambara Darun Bimb Fala Dharoshthat’

‘Purnendu Sundar Mukhadar Bindu Netraat, Krishnaat Param Kimapi tatva Maham Najani’

Looks like the artist has given a unique art composition form to this above beautiful verse sung by Shri Madusudan Saraswati Ji when he had the darshan of Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna.

Here in the painting, Sri Krishna is standing in a ‘Tribhang Lalit Posture’, holds the divine flute in his hands. He wears a shining pitambara (The Yellow Cloth) on the slim waist. Krishna adorns a transcendental blue body. The peacock feathered crown looks smashing and attractive. The fair and handsome ‘Shyamsundar’ truly matches with his name and makes us realise that no ‘Tatva’ (The source of energy) is superior or even equal to him and his Charan Kamal (The Lotus Feet) is the supreme shelter for every being.

The environment around him adds a spark to the composition as this magical land of Vrindavan is no different from Shri Krishna as it holds the attributes of Lord’s beauty. The auspicious pleasant atmosphere, the floral bails, river Yamuna and swans, the parrots and the peacocks, all of them are getting mesmerised by the melodious tunes being blown away from the divine flute of Krishna. This magnificent masterpiece is a wrathful showpiece to be hanged in the Puja Room of the house.

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Item Code: OU60
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
48 inch X 36 inch

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