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Krishna With His Bashful Beloved

Krishna With His Bashful Beloved
This oil from the Exotic India collection is the very picture of warmth and intimacy. Any portrayal of the divine love of Lord Krishna and Radha, His best beloved, has never captured the tenderness between them with such superbly detailed perfection. The couple is seated on a swing just large enough to accommodate them both, that hangs from a tree strewn delectably with freshly blooming flowers, from the luxuriant green of the crown to the earthy brown of the foot of the tree.
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Item Code: OV48
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
24 inch x 36 inch

Even the thick ropes that secure the swing are entwined with wounds of just-plucked flowers, probably placed there by Radha's gentle hands. A natural pool of azure water shimmers in the background, its narrow mud-laden banks leading up to a picturesque colonnade in the distance. Against such a lone-set, romantic background swings the divine couple, in all the beauty of elegantly contained affection.

So serene is their composure of countenance that the viewer guages at once how at home they are in each other's company, irridiscent with concern for one another's well-being. Radha's head fits snugly on Her Lord's shoulder. He gazes into her fair face, while She most bashfully averts His eyes. Their heads are so close together that His bejewelled crown seems to be one with her gold-and-pearls headband. The gorgeous peacock-feather crest of His crown glows against the singular halo that frames both their heads, lending the luxuriant greenery in the background an eerie glow. Note how the beautiful Radha is so careful as to place Her hand ever-so-slightly and gently beneath Krishna's on the swing, too shy to even touch Him of her own accord.

Decked up in an abundance of silks and brocades, the great personal beauty of the amorous deities sits well against the verdant background. Radha's purple saree has been draped modestly around her petite figure, the hem of the rose-red blouse delicately draped-over by the saree at the waist. Its ample train billowing out behind her legs as the swing motions forward, just like the strings of pearls around their necks and the Lord's crisp garland. A plethora of jewels grace their persons: delicate jhumke on both their earlobes, studded necklaces, His chunky amulet against the wide brocade of her sleeve, His wristlet against her bunch of soft gold bangles, His decidedly masculine kamarband next to the delicate strings of gold on her hips, the solid gold anklets on their tender feet. Note how the gajra on Radha's lush joora matches the garland round Lord Krishna's neck.

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