Lady Swaying in Enjoyment

Lady Swaying in Enjoyment

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Away from her usual routine, the beautiful young lady has finally taken out time for herself and move out from her house and visit that secluded place at the high altitudes, as can be seen from the background of mountains cut to form a path. She knows she will have that awaited moment of bliss on swinging free in the cool breeze when the sun is about to set. The plain yellow silk sari decorated with a lustrous gold zari border is observant of her taste for simplicity and elegance. The subtle makeup on her face, of the kohl eyes, nude pink lips and the blushing cheeks depict her fascination and love to look good.

Anup Gomay has beautifully stroked the pleats of her sari that flies loose along with her hair which is left open to fly as she sways freely on the swing. The stance of her legs and hands stretched straight indicates her inner expression of liberation from the societal bonds, although only for some time, but she wants to enjoy this moment to the fullest. The leaves and flowers framing one side of the painting add a graceful colour contrast of green and pink to the dominating yellow painting.  The young lady in her ecstasy is not aware of how her attires are flowing back loose in the air. This oil painting beautifully conveys this message of liberation and enjoyment, also adds glamour and beauty to your wall space.

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Item Code: OT69
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
36 inch X 48 inch
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