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A Lover’s Letter

A Lover’s Letter
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Two sharp-featured beauties pore over the letter of a lover. The one clad in pistachio green holds it between her trembling fingers. It is she who has a rightful claim over the things expressed therein, easily deducible from the way she clutches at the dupatta to her cheek. Her friend, dressed in a garnet-coloured lehenga, looks keenly into its contents. From the nature of the smile playing at the corners of her handsome mouth, she is satisfied with the effect it has on her friend.

From their manner of attire and adornment, these ladies are the daughters of royalty or nobility. Their gorgeous figures are clad in lehengas fashioned from the finest silks of the land, woven in with booties of pure gold. Ornaments of gold complete their shringar - jhumkas (traditional Indian danglers) on their delicate earlobes, bangles on those roseate wrists, and gold headbands holding their luscious black braids in place. The makeup on their faces is subtle, just enough to bring out the natural beauty of the facial angulature and complexion.

They are seated on a couch upholstered in crimson velvet. A fair, bejewelled hand rests on a brocaded cushion of dark green colour. Luxuriant wood carvings adorn the walls of the chamber, while an ornate window to the back of the friend affords a view of the outdoors. Into the distance stand trees, of a lower-deciduous nature, amidst rolling verdure and an unusual blue sky.

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Item Code: OT79
Oil Painting on Canvas
36 inch x 48 inch

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