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Item Code: BD02
Batik Painting On Cotton
54.0 inch x 42.0 inch
The technique of batik requires an abundance of patience as the process is time consuming and skill-testing. Before cotton is batiked, it must be prepared to receive the wax and dyes. It is boiled, rinsed, and beaten with a mallet to soften the fiber and hence enable the material to absorb wax.

Here is a sequence from the Mahanayaka Jataka, which describes an earlier existence of the Buddha - Mahanayaka. He ruled wisely but experienced a strong longing to dedicate himself to monastic life. The beautiful Shivali tries to hold him back by means of stupendous banquets and beautiful women, but in vain.

In this picture, the action takes place under a pillored canopy. Around Mahanayaka are gorgeous women with large bosoms who try to please him with all their charm. Some sit at his feet while others hover around. A few of these women are pale yellow, probably to depict fair complexion and the rest are dark brown. They all wear attractive head decorations. One woman stands with a fly-whisk and the others are scurrying with bowls of delicacies. They try their best to distract him with materialistic temptations. He is shown unaffected making the gesture of 'driving the wheel of law" Clouds in the forefront give the entire episode a celestial appearance.

This description by Renu Rana.

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