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Making Us Dance to His Tune

Making Us Dance to His Tune
Item Code: WK40
Water Color Painting On Cotton Fabric
11.5 inches X 18.0 inches
Ganesha is popular as the son of the great goddess Parvati, the counterpart of the great Siva. But his claim to fame is his helpfulness in overcoming difficulties and his benevolence.

Ganesha is dancing against an ochre ground. He matches Shiva Nataraja in the most subtle postures of the dance. Ganesha is dressed in a bright dhoti and a blue upper cloth. He wears the sacred thread of the twice born. He wears a beautiful crown with a halo behind it and also bracelets & armlets in his arms. Especially noteworthy are his heavy anklets. Strings of pearls and emeralds adorn his neck & chest. In this dancing posture, he raises his right leg and bends it inwards. His trunk too is symmetrically turned inwards in joy. Ganesha holds a noose in his upper left hand. The noose helps us to control human passions. In the upper right hands he holds the elephant goad, goading us to dance to his tune.

This painting was created in the city of Kishangarh, Rajasthan. The artist is Shri Manohar Saini.

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