Mast Gaj

Mast Gaj

Item Code: BG21
Batik Painting On Cotton
18 inch x 19 inch
Batik is a tedious art form requiring numerous coats of dyeing and waxing till the desired result is achieved. Since one shade is dyed over the other, the result is more harmonious than in painting.

What we see here is a portrait of a majestic elephant belonging to the royal filkhana. Jet black in colour against the background of burnt Sienna, the pachyderm looks elegant in movement. Holding an ornamented fly whisk (chauri) in its trunk, it marches on. A rich parasol-like head gear rests on its head, reaching down its forehead. The two tusks are also fitted with golden caps at the edges and golden rings as we go up Tassels hang down the ears; its feet are adorned with thick anklets. The overcloth is of silk and brocade completing the ostentatious ornamentation.

The colour combination of the animal and the background is too rich to be ignored. Excessive use of golden colour adds to the richness. What is also attractive about the painting is that the portrait is far from static. The positioning of the legs is such that it shows brisk movement.

Altogether, an art work to enliven up a staid and dull wall.

This description by Kiranjyot.

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