The Princess Confides In Her Lady-In-Waiting

The Princess Confides In Her Lady-In-Waiting

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A private moment between two young sahelis (female friends). As they while away their time with a dhol in their private chambers, the princess opens up the recesses of her heart to her favourite lady-in-waiting. She is telling her about a young man, a handsome warrior of the neighbouring kingdom, whom she had occasion to exchange a glance with. Her heart is in a fledgeling state of enamour, and she cannot quite contain herself.

The princess is dressed in an ivory silk dhoti and breastband, woven in with gold booties studded with rubies and emeralds. Her ample hair is coiled in a tall pile on the top of her head, and held in place by a number of pure gold pins and ornaments. On the other hand, her humble lady-in-waiting is dressed according to her station - simple white choli with a solid pink lehenga, and unassuming gold ornaments on her relatively duskier skin. The thick plait of her long hair grazes her thigh.

The lady-in-waiting looks deep into the eyes of her mistress, trying to understand the full import of the goings-on over her heart. The princess looks into the distance, trying her best to capture every detail from that tumultuous memory. Note how her delicate hand is raised mid-air, as if caught in some minor detail of the exchange.

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Item Code: OW02
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
24 inch x 36 inch
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