Radha-Krishna And The Milkmaids Steeped In Music

Radha-Krishna And The Milkmaids Steeped In Music

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A snatch of Krishnaleela or the worldly conduct (‘leela’) of Lord Krishna. With His Radha, the best beloved, He stands under the kadamba tree. Deep in the wilderness dotting Vrindavan, the lovers put their arms around each other’s shoulders and make music from the same flute. He looks lovingly at His fair lover, while Her eyes are directed at the flute as She is too shy to meet His gaze.

A band of milkmaids (gopis) surrounds the lovers. They are dressed in the same gossamer lehengas as Radha, but none is as beauteous as She is. A couple of the milkmaids are seated on the grass, playing musical instruments. The remaining six, three on either side of the central standing couple, are turned in their direction and making offerings to them. The pastel colours and gauzy textures of their attire contrasts against the solid tints of green in the backdrop.

A quiet stream in the foreground, dotted with ample lotuses. A pair of peacocks stroll on the banks, as if partaking of the music and the romance in the air. A pristine, luminescent twin halo behind the heads of Radha and Krishna illuminates the atmosphere. A long-leaved perfectly symmetrical canopy behind the same serves to frame the subject of this painting.

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