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Radha Shies Away From Her Krishna

Radha Shies Away From Her Krishna
The dissolution of space and the cessation of time occurs at once when the lovers meet. The time they are not with each other they spend in longing; and when they are with each other, in ecstasy. The oil painting you see on this page depicts the Lord Krishna and His beloved Radha in their togetherness. Their faces are marked with the fulfillment of intense longing and the delicate stream of joyous emotions that ensue.

They are seated on a pink velvet couch with a gold-crowned back. Matching pink bolsters with gold brocade frame the dynamic composition of two divine lovers. Radha is in a youthful red-and-gold suit, fresh jasmines in Her hair. She is drawing Her odhni over the gorgeous shringar of Her face and decolletage, in order to shield Herself from the penetrating view of Her lover. Note how She raises another hand in a gesture of helpless, feminine dissuasion.

Her Lord kneels right next to Her, inching close to the object of His love. He is dressed like the heavenly prince that He is - lavender and marigold silks, brocaded angavastram, and jewellery complete with a fine pink turban. He has set down His long golden flute at Her feet; and is giving Her His hand, enteating with Her to satiate His love.

Item Code: OV79
Oil on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
48 inch X 36 inch

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