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Retail Therapy At Godhuli

Retail Therapy At Godhuli
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Glass bangles are considered auspicious across the subcontinent. In this richly coloured oil, a group of young, chattering ladies have gathered around boxes of superbly hued glass bangles. One of them tries some on and lowers her gaze to her wrists to see how they look on her, her countenance laced with desire and joy; while her companion looks straight into the eyes of the seller, haggling.

The banjara warewoman, obvious from her ample lac bracelets, sports a characteristic bodla and mangal-sootra. All the ladies are dressed in sumptuous colours, which together with the chunky silver shringar, indicates that they belong to North India. The fact that the buyers are sitting on the mud floors with the warewoman herself suggests that they are of the same station as her. They have let their sheer dupattas slide off their bosoms, a luxury Indian women allow themselves strictly in female company. Two daughters of the house look on as the adults take a break from their chores and engage in retail therapy.

Note the lush strokes of the background, a vivid portrayal of the godhuli hour of the east. Godhuli strikes when the farmers bring their cows from the fields, their hooves kicking up clounds of dust and sand. The rays of the setting sun refract through them, turning the skies an alluring shade of scarlet.

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Item Code: OU52
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
48 inch X 36 inch

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