Royal Camel

Royal Camel

Kailash Raj has worked his entrancing magic yet again as he pictures the king of the sand dunes and the mount of the wealthy Arab sheikhs, the camel, in a stunning manner. His brush strokes paint the mammal in a tawny brown color that pleases the vision of the onlookers with its mesmerising long lashed eyes that compliment his deep nostrils that follow. Its face is guarded with a dark brown leather cinch belt that is embellished with a glittery chocolate brown tassel.

The noble camel's splendid neck is ornamented with a sleek crystal choker that extends as a pearl opera with multiple vibrant bells, ringing as they dangle back and forth, coupling along a woody textured string amulet which is set lower down the neck with a short bewitching thread tinsel that drapes down its body.

Its protruding hump is concealed by a exotic tasseled saddle cloth, tinted in a hue of tantalizing purple, eye-catching amber, aqua blue, white and a soothing peach color. It is emblazoned with lovely floral motifs and curved henna like designs as lovely red threads and pearl striped jewels rise from it, taking off to its lush hairy tail.

The camel is postured balancing itself as it is about to fall with its ironic bare feet in comparison to its decorated mien, portraying the sad reality of using animals as a source of royal leisure and pleasure yet abandoning them in their times of need. Its bare feet and watery eyes are the evidence of its caged life which has shattered the so called 'noble animal', turning out to be the perfect carrier of the artist's message for the spectators.

Item Code: AC79
Water Color Painting On Paper Artist: Kailash Raj
4.5 inches X 3.5 inches
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