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The Royal Couple on Swing

The Royal Couple on Swing
The porcelain toned lady with exquisite facial features, looks away, in the lovely piece of art, as she is appareled in a fire yellow, cotton lehenga that is emblazoned with scarlet red and emerald green floral motifs, which goes along with her glittery ballet slipper crop top choli. Despite the revealing element of her outfit, she conceals her bare skin with a gleaming white full sleeve inner which skillfully camouflages in the brush strokes, with her golden bangles that adorn her thin hands. A lapis blue, waist flare that is embellished with sequins drapes down her thighs as her translucent, carolina blue dupatta with a thick golden lace sways in the air with each swing. Her beauty is enhanced with a lovely quartz crystal set, that comprises of a breathtaking opera and a choker necklace, combining with valuable drop earrings which beautify her beady brooch.

The painting even captures her better half, who protectively swings the entrancing lady. The handsome man is encapsulated as a possessor of a fawn colored countenance adorned with a thin imperial moustache. The Royal geezer is appareled in a light lava silver jama that drops down his ankles, swaddled in a tawny brown and golden stripped choga, revealing the silver cloth below his arms. A cinnamon brown, tuscany thread-embroidered turban sets down over his frizzy, unkempt hair, as a lavender shaded and orange tinted dupatta entangles in his manly wrists. He is emblazoned with ravishing white pearl ear tops and an elegantly layered opera that droops down his neck.

Although, this scene of giving one's lover a splendid ride should show cheerfulness, the illustrator has portrayed both the characters to look away, instead of smiling, a grim expression drenches their face, complimented with the pale and dusty fern green trees, depicting their despising lives, making it a painting with an intriguing secret, worth working out.

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Time required to recreate this artwork
6 to 8 weeks
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$69.00 (20%)
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Item Code: MJ13
Watercolor Painting On Paper
Artist: Navneet Parikh
9.9 inches X 13.0 inches

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