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Saraswati, Emerging From The Glamour Of The Twilight

Saraswati, Emerging From The Glamour Of The Twilight
Saraswati is revered as the deity presiding over learning and the arts. She is worshipped by the select; young students and artists look up to Her; and the annual ritual worship surrounding Her is cause for great celebration in parts of the South and the East. Her name is the Sanskrit term for 'one who flows', as in a current; in the Rigveda, She represents the fecundity and nourishment associated with the flowing river. Her husband is none other than Brahma, the deity presiding over srishti (creation), for the organised process of which knowledge and intelligence that Saraswati stands for are crucial. Hence the divine union.

Saraswati's iconography has been brought out to perfection in this Kailash Raj watercolour. Since She is the personification of intellect, the very anti-thesis of the darkness of ignorance, Her skin tone is pristine and flawless. She is enrobed in a resplendent white saree, Her shringar replete with gold and pearls. The border of Her saree is woven with a thick panel of studded gold, which matches the jewels on Her arms, wrists, neck, lobes, arms, and waist. A garland of miniature lotuses adds a fresh, earthy touch to Her form. Note how high the gorgeous crown looms above Her head of shining black curls that cascade down Her back. Her emerald halo sets off its beauty, and the tender composure of Her countenance.

The Devi sits atop a magnificent pale pink lily that has just bloomed on the susurrous current. The ethereal blue of the backdrop depicts a balmy twilight, from whose characteristic glamour the image of Her seemingly emerges in the foreground. Her vahana, the superbly graceful swan that Brahma Himself is seen on, wades next to the verdant green lilypad on which rests the Devi's gentle feet. What sets this portrayal of Saraswati apart from the usual pieces of Her iconography are the combination implements borne by Her four arms. While the pothi and the akshamala in Her anterior hands are integral to Her essence, the weapons in Her posterior hands stand for the battle She wages against ignorance and adharm.

Item Code: HO65
Water Color Painting on Paper
Artist:Kailash Raj
10.0 inch X 13.0 inch

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