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Item Code: MH19
Watercolor on Paper
6.5" X 8.5"
Art and nature walk hand in hand and reciprocally aid and assist each other. With a wealth of birds around, we are never short of ornithological inspiration. Paintings and illustrations capture the beauty and grace of birds which a naked eye may miss.

A heron is seen here in its natural habitat, searching for food. It has managed to catch a fish in its long beak, from the gushing waters. Nature has gifted this bird with tall legs in order for it to paddle far into the water without getting its feathers wet and a long beak to hunt for fish. Both are ochre in colour, providing brightness to the dull coloured body. The dullness, however, is overlooked when one observes the harmonious overlapping of shapes and shades. The button-like eye seems full of glee, with no sympathy for the hapless victim in its beak.

The entire background is in soft shades of blue and pink, lending tranquility to the ambience. The flowing water in the left corner may not occupy much pictorial space but that's the only element providing movement in the static painting.

This description by Renu Rana.

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