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The Serene Padmasana Devi Sarasvati

The Serene Padmasana Devi Sarasvati
She is the very picture of that inimitable calm brought about in one's disposition by learning and artistic endeavour. The Devi Sarasvati presides over learning and the arts, the prerequisites to the creative process, which in turn is presided over by Her husband, Lord Brahma. It is not only in Her gathered composure, but also in the elements that make up this watercolour. The soft petals of the blooming lotus that is Her throne, the susurrous waters that emerge from the gently melting glacier in the background, and the undulating curves of the mountains; each of these project a sense of stability, of being in motion that is measured. In fact, the aspect of steadiness dominates the composition; it is in the boulders that punctuate the flow of the river, the sweet pink buds that are yet to bloom, and the veena that She is casually strumming as She holds it in place on Her lap.

Few images are as beauteous and inspiring of devotion as that of padmasana Sarasvati Devi. She is seated in lalitasana, with a hand raised in blessing. The heavy drape of Her pristine silk saree is superbly lifelike, the weight of the zari-laden border and booties lying against Her glowing roseate skin. A densely bejewelled crown adds to the glamour of Her pale verdant halo. Note the natural tones that make up the gradient of the sky in the background. It is as if the sun would be conspicuous any moment now in the lap of those mountains, illuminating the beauty of our subject in full measure.

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Item Code: HO42
Water Color Painting on Paper
Artist:Kailash Raj
8 inch X 11.5 inch

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