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The Simhavahana Of Lord Ganesha

The Simhavahana Of Lord Ganesha
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An unusual chhavi (image) of Lord Ganesha. He is usually portrayed as the adorable and chubby boy-deity, the epitome of childlike wisdom and innocence, venerated by a tiny laddoo-offering mouse. However, the son of Lord Shiva and Devi Durga has a wrathful, intolerant side that is relatively unexplored by artists. The watercolour that you see on this page depicts a ferocious Lord Ganesha, His still baby limbs gathered on the back of nothing less than the simha (lion), vahana (mount) of His mother Durga.

The chaturbhujadhari (four-armed) Lord Ganesha is clad in a scarlet dhoti and angavastram, the former held in place by a bejewelled girdle and the latter hemmed with gold. In His four hands He holds a weapon to fight adharma with, an auspicious implement the conch, a quantum of blessing, and - of course - a golden laddoo without which His iconography, irrespective of whether it is childlike or wrathful, remains incomplete.

The central ensemble is flanked by a pair of standing trishoolas (tridents), which are indicative of the omnipresence of His father Lord Shiva. The background is the solid unassuming colour of light gold sunset, which serves to set off the nuances of the subject in the foreground. Note the striking similarity in composure between the Lord and His simhavahana, a contrast to the tranquil flight of two birds in the distance.

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Item Code: HO59
Water Color Painting on Paper
Artist:Kailash Raj
8.0 inch X 10.5 inch

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