Item Code: BG28
Batik Painting On Cotton
17 inch x 42 inch
Indra, the king of gods, rides on Airavat, the mighty elephant. The Buddhists hold elephants in high esteem as the Buddha, according to legend, took the form of a white elephant before his birth. The Mughals were impressed with its sharp intelligence, faithful nature and indispensability in the battlefield.

Keeping in tune with the folk tradition, these two elephants stand facing each other. They are holding up their trunks with twigs of leaves and flowers in them. They wear a crown-like head gear with different shapes each. The back cloth that they wear has various different patterns; the only similarity being the colours. The neck chains, the flower decorating the ear are intentionally done up differently as to not make them appear identical. The flowers and patterns around the duo are the same, maintaining compositional balance.

The colours used are few but they are used in such a manner that they neither clash, nor blend with each other. The background is in mauve with a violet crackle which helps to make the elephant picture more attractive.

This description by Renu Rana.

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