13" Tibetan Buddhist Healing Buddha | Medicine Buddha | Inlay Work | Brass Statue | Handmade | Made In India

13" Tibetan Buddhist Healing Buddha | Medicine Buddha | Inlay Work | Brass Statue | Handmade | Made In India

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The gentle Buddha knows and heals all. Here is seated with His silken robes spread about Him, the limbs within those folds gathered in padmasana. The pinnacle of bahiranga yoga and the stepping stone to antaranga, the image of the padmasana Buddha is an undying motif in the visual art produced in India since time immemorial. The one that you see on this page captures more than one aspect of the erstwhile Shakyamuni.

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13.50 inch Height X 10.00 inch Width X 7.00 inch Depth
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To begin with, the left hand which rests on His lap cradles an almsbowl. It is a reminder of those years of mendicancy immediately following the life of luxury that He had renounced. From within the depths of the miniscule pot emerges a life-giving plant, symbolic of the shuddi (purity) and the nourishment contained in bhiksha (alms). Betwixt the fingers of the right hand is a sprig of the all-healing myrobalan plant, usually found in the iconography of Bhaishajyaguru or the healing aspect of Buddha.

A handsome face steeped deep in contemplation. The princely features add to the depth of the composure, brought out with great precision by the sculptor. The robe that is draped over the left shoulder and brought down the right is made of thickly coloured inlay and is the only pop of colour in the composition.

This handmade Brass statue of the Tibetan Healing Buddha, made in India, depicts Bhaisajyaguru seated in his lavish robes draped along the body and shoulder. He rests his left hand on his lap and his upwardly opened palm holds a beggar’s bowl. In the bowl lies a fruit from the healing herb he is holding in his right hand. The plant is believed to be myrobalan plum, a variety that is used as a laxative or purgative. The eye-catching, stunning aspect of the statue is undoubtedly the red, blue and turquoise inlay work.  The swirling peacock and floral patterns captivate us. You can also see the underclothes the Buddha is wearing beneath his robe on his chest carved on the brass. The statue is resplendent and emanates peace and happiness.

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