7" Ashtalakshmi Puja Kalasha | Pooja Kalash | Brass Statue | Handmade | Made In India

7" Ashtalakshmi Puja Kalasha | Pooja Kalash | Brass Statue | Handmade | Made In India

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Ashtalakshmi comprises the eight mystical manifestations of Goddess Lakshmi, the divine being who embodies abundance of wealth, maternity, and prosperity. Lakshmi is the generous mother of the Universe and the spiritual wife of the supreme God Vishnu. She remains as an epitome of accomplishment and success, while her name Lakshmi itself is said to symbolize the understanding of the real purpose of our existence. According to legend, there are eight forms of Mahalakshmi and these eight forms of Mahalakshmi are contemplated to be the base of the Universe. Worshipping these eight divine beings brings positivity and success. Ashta Laxmi Puja brings peace, victory and eliminates the money crunches. The recitation of Asta Laxmi Mantra is performed to banish money quandaries and helps in the achievement of well-being, endurance, success, and wealth.

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Brass Statue
7 inch Height x 6 inch Diameter
440 gm

Kalasha indicates a metal pot that is topped with water and decorated with mango leaves in a crown formation and a coconut in the middle. This arrangement is often used in ceremonies and is in this formation called Purna-Kalasha(full vessel). The Kalasha symbolizes the vessel of fertility and divine qualities such as wisdom, abundance, and the creation of life. This beautiful brass Ashtalakshmi Puja Kalasha has the goddesses painted on the exterior of the Kalash and is delicate crafted with an elegant design. 

A Puja Kalasha is a metal vessel or pot used to store holy water needed for the rituals. The Kalasha that you see here is made of brass. It has a large flat base and a slim neck. Its body depicts Ashta Lakshmi with four arms seated on a lotus. Ashtalakshmi are the eight forms of Devi Lakshmi presiding over the eight sources of wealth. Adi Lakshmi (Maha Lakshmi) – the Goddess of spiritual wealth, Dhana Lakshmi – the Goddess of material wealth, Gaja Lakshmi – the giver of animal wealth, Dhanya Lakshmi – the Goddess of agricultural wealth, Santana Lakshmi – bestower of offspring, Veera Lakshmi – bestows strength and courage, Vijaya Lakshmi – the giver of victory, and Vidya Lakshmi – bestows knowledge (material and spiritual).

Note the smooth and fine surface of the vessel. The slim neck opens into a wide mouth over which a coconut is placed which symbolizes the three-eyed Lord Shiva and mango leaves are dipped in the water. This is known as ‘Purna Kalasha’ and is believed to remove ignorance and to purify the consciousness of the devotees. The body also bears engravings of leafy and triangular motifs. The eight manifestations of Shri are considered very auspicious and worshiped to be blessed with material and spiritual wealth and prosperity.

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