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Adi-Buddha Vajrasattva (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

Adi-Buddha Vajrasattva (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)
In Vajrayana Buddhism, the Adi-Buddha is the "First Buddha" or the "Primordial Buddha". He is a Buddhist deity, also referred to as God, Creator, First Saviour, He who saves the world through self-incarnation and the Self-incarnated Lord. He is looked upon as the spiritual son of Akshobhya, and at the same time Tsovo or chief of the five Dhyani-Buddhas.

Here, the chroma of teal-blue and rose-red fuse over the inlayed figurine illuminates the facet of the strong brass. The golden, sparkling crown adds a noble feel to the stature as tinges of golden colour intermittently go over the statue's shining silver floral surface blessing the eyes of the observer with the ultimate pulchritude of the finest carvings unknown to the human vision.

Wisdom and compassion reaches a divine standard with the bell dorje that accompanies the Vajra, as the sculpture tightly grasps it in his left hand, both his hands being held by multiple thinly sculpted hands. It symbolises emptiness and a form of tranquility, simultaneously in the spectator over-awed by the extreme beauty. The radiating sound is believed to be auspicious and alluring, making it a perfect conglomeration of artistry and divine music, assisting in the clarity of the soul.

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Item Code: RF48
Brass with Inlay Statue
8.8 inch Height x 6.2 inch Width x 3.8 inch Depth
1.8 kg

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