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Ardhanarishvara (Shiva and Parvati)

Ardhanarishvara (Shiva and Parvati)
The androgynous or double-sexed iconography of Shiva-Parvati - Parvati is also known as Shakti, Sanskrit for primordial power - is arguably the most singular of the vast repository of Hindu iconography. The purush (Sanskrit word for both masculine and primordial energy) and the prakriti (Sanskrit for both female and matter) fuse into one another to project a confluence of both sexes. The bull, Nandi, stands behind Shiva; whereas the lion, Parvati's vahana, stands behind Her. The posterior arms clasp a damru-mounted trishool and a thickly coiled snake, both chacracteristic of Shiva and Parvati. Note how this exceptionally done brass sculpture does great justice to the nuances of the sexes. The broad and angular shoulder of Shiva and His flat chest; to the gentle curve of Shakti's shoulder and Her ripe, round breast. The straight transition of Shiva's waist to His hip; to the exquisite waist-to-hip ratio of Shakti. The bare musculature of Shiva's thigh and leg, and His broad feet; to the soft curvaceous lines of Shakti's limb, discernible underneath her gracious draping, and Her superbly feminine feet.
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Brass Statue
18.0 inch X 7.9 inch X 6.5 inch
9.4 kg

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