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Bhagawan Ganesha on a Stylized Throne

Bhagawan Ganesha on a Stylized Throne

Have a look at this beautiful portly figure of the friendly god Ganesha, seated in his absolute comfort and royalty on an ethnically carved throne, supported by three small closed lotus bud shaped legs and a wooden pedestal carved in lotus petals from front. He in his usual posture, blesses the devotees of fearlessness by the abhaya mudra gesture of left hand and right holds tight his favourite sweetmeat, laddoo. You will be mesmerized by the elaborate chisels of his weapons- axe and noose, that he holds in his rear hands.

Attired gracefully in a pleated dhoti with scored flower motifs and precious jewels veil his body royally. The shape of his thick striated trunk is carved realistically like that of an elephant and the pattern of his flappy ears compliment to that of the dhoti and his weapons. Zoom in to carefully analyse his charming crown chiselled in beauteous patterns and a leaf-like broch placed in the centre along with the fan shape ornamented on his forehead.

Ganesha’s throne has an eye-catchy backdrop, sculpted in a distinctive design with a temple like shape at the top. The sculptor has precisely and amazingly created the cut patterns of flowers and vines interconnected and the ends coiled mesmerizingly. Have a look at his sacred vehicle, mouse on the left side of his pedestal paying obeisance to his lord and the next bowl of laddoos on the right ready to be finished.

Item Code: ZEN634
Wood Statue
10.50 inch Height X 7.60 inch Width x 3.00 inch Depth
0.54 Kg.

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