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Bhumisparsha Lord Buddha With Inlay Stone Work

Bhumisparsha Lord Buddha With Inlay Stone Work

Lord Buddha holds a sacred place in the heart and mind of those who are deep followers of Buddhism. Although Buddha is always shown with the basic iconographic aspects, as also shown in this brass statue, but what makes this Buddha sculpture so attractive and worth purchasing is the realistic carvings of his expressions, accurate shape and size of body parts, natural and smooth curves and last but not the least is the stylized robe inlayed in multiple colors. Lord Buddha is always depicted in a meditation posture with the half open eyes. It is said that meditating with eyes fully closed, makes a person go to sleep and completely open eyes lets you get distracted easily, therefore Buddha always meditated with half open eyes as a gesture of his mind being fully awake.

Gautama Buddha holds a pot in his left hand resting on his feet, which identifies him as the head of the order and right hand faces down touching the ground in Bhumisparsha mudra. ‘Bhumi’ means ‘earth’ and ‘sparsha’ means ‘call to witness’, which implies that Lord Buddha here is calling the mother earth to witness his accomplishment of the goal of enlightenment. You will be mesmerized by the heavy inlayed stone work on his robe; bordered gracefully with a contrasting brown-colored beaded flowers and natural golden ethnic pattern, whilst the entire field area is covered with circular silver-colored reconstituted stones, that give an impression of lavish mirror work. The entire robe is decorated with colorful large multicolored flowers formed at equal distances all around.

The glossy lustre of this Buddha brass statue highlights the beauty of even the minutest aspect of his personality and physique. The nose is given a sharp pointed shape and the lips slightly smile out of his innate satisfaction on achieving enlightenment. This Buddha sculpture is a perfect piece to decorate your house or office spaces in an eye-catchy way.

Item Code: ZEO825
10.60 inch Length X 7.60 inch Width X 13.70 inch Height
7.80 Kg.

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