A Fine Namaste Buddha From Nepal - Tibetan Buddhist

A Fine Namaste Buddha From Nepal - Tibetan Buddhist

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Buddha is the one who has attained bodhi or enlightenment by his supreme patience, excellence and practical approach of life. His teachings are a way of guiding people towards a purposeful, knowledgeable and happy lifestyle. Namaste or Anjali Mudra is a gesture of greeting the guests and welcoming their divine aspect; it is an expression of obeisance, salutation, adoration and reverence which the sculptor has beautifully carved in this copper Buddha sculpture. Nepalese sculptures are best known for religious figures made of bronze or copper and the artisans take major inspirational subjects from Buddhism and Hinduism as these two religions peacefully coexist even today in Nepal.

This copper Buddha statue from Nepal is sculpted very graciously and justifiably with palms joined together and pressing each other. One of the most attractive part is that the stylish robe is chiseled briefly with undistorted pleats and an amazing combination of light and dark hues giving it a sassy look. His head with coiled hairs matted up together is framed in a dazzling crown, having a beautiful border of flowers and vines with accurate markings. The marvellous patterns and superfine carvings of this Buddha sculpture is suggestive of the perfection of sculptor’s skills.

Designed with his characteristic features of long earlobes and curved lines on the neck, this statue, wherever placed, can bring a delicate smile and respect on the viewer’s face because of its unique and fine attributes. As you focus on the facial features, you will applaud the sharpness of its carves, having a long pointed nose, half close eyes, a small bindi on forehead symbolic of his third eye of wisdom and the natural curve of lips. Placing this at the entrance gate will be a sweet gesture of respect and a great ornamentation to the place.

Item Code: ZEN113
Copper Statue From Nepal
10.00 inch Height x 7.00 inch Width x 2.70 inch Depth
900 gm
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