The Lissome Devi Lakshmi Standing On A Lotus

The Lissome Devi Lakshmi Standing On A Lotus

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Because the climate of the ancient Indian subcontinent was dominated by monsoon, the sculptural tradition predominantly features stone, metal, and terracotta. Organic media such as wood and ivory are not only rare to come across, but also practically nonexistent since the start of the Common Era. Some Southern architectural wonders have, of course, stood the test of time; and what you see on this page is a replication of the same.

This wood-carved work depicts Devi Lakshmi in all Her lissome beauty. Her feet are on the delicate bed of a lotus, as She stands with a pair of hands raised in blessing and another holding lotuses. A dhoti of lustrous green silk clothes Her from the navel downwards; the rest of Her is clad in nothing but divine shringar. A towering crown and the halo behind Her head complete the soothing chhavi (image) of Her handsome mukhamandal (countenance).

This contemporary sculpture bears all the hallmarks of the Southern style of temple architecture. Besides, there is the expressive silhouette lent by the organic medium, and the earthy colour palette made up of rich burnt browns, greens, and oranges. While not a lot of our wooden sculptures seem to have survived the ravages of time, works like these pay homage to both the art and the shraddha contained therein.

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South Indian Temple Wood Carving
36 inch Height x 11.5 inch Width X 4.9 inch Depth
9.6 kg
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