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Kali Maa, the most powerful form of shakti & destroyer of evil forces, created by Maa Durga out of her forehead.while fighting & vanquished twin demons, Chanda and Munda. Asura Raktabija remaining undefeated because of his ability to reproduce himself from every drop of his blood reaching the ground. Countless Raktabija clones appeared on the battlefield. Kali eventually killed him by sucking his blood before it could reach the ground. The Goddess became more ferocious after killing the demon. No one could control or cool down her. Then Lord Shiva threw himself down beneath her feet to cool Kali and she then kept her feet on Shiva.

In this breathtaking idol, Mother Kali is depicted in her fierce rage dancing on her consort Shiva’s chest, wearing a girdle of human hands over her waistline, with a garland of skulls, fearful with her tongue lolling out, having deep blood-stained eyes, a bloodstained krapan in one hand, a male-skeleton in the other, a blood-filled bowl in the third and with her fourth hand blessing the devotees, she looks very furious and devastating. Shiva lying coolly with a vajra in his one hand and a vessel on the other hand.

This unique, majestic, and enchanting kali murti is hand-carved from a single rock of pure, natural black marbl. It is hand-chiseled and hand-painted. product is aesthetically designed with optimum finishing, fine polishing using vibrating colors. The lavish marble would remain uniform as regards to its texture, color, paint, and polishing for years to come. A must-have idol of Mother Kali for worshiping in your home or workplace, for the divine protection and fulfilling all your desires.and to remove your fears and worries forever.

Item Code: EC02
White Marble Sculpture
11.40 inch Height x 7.20 inch Width x 2.70 inch Depth
2.8 Kg

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