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The Marvellous Marble Pot with Lid

The Marvellous Marble Pot with Lid

A white marble is mostly used for beauty in any sculpture or architecture because of its smooth and shiny surface as well as pristine color; it is a popular metamorphic rock having the ability to withstand extreme heat and low maintenance. Apart from this, it also owns good healing properties, as it said to encourage wisdom, physical and emotional improvements, positivity and assist in mastery of thought and meditation.

The enticing pot that you see on this page is flourished with extensive Meenakari works of interconnected gold vines and flowers shaded with tinges of red on the multitude leaves and blue petals highlighted in absolute graciousness. Meenakari art marks the traditional art form of Jaipur, having colorful patterns of intricate designs and jewel-like borders; as shown here in multiple dark borders ornamented elegantly on the distinctive style pot.

It also has an exclusive shaped lid with the top of the lotus bud. The circular filled pattern in the centre is an eye catching patch formed in great perfection. This artefact is a major establishment as an ornamented home decor or can be use to keep jewels and other precious items.

Item Code: ZEN264
White Marble Statue
15.50 inch Height x 12.00 inch Width x 12.00 inch Depth
6.7 Kg.

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