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Padmasana Buddha, His Hands In Dharmachakra Mudra

Padmasana Buddha, His Hands In Dharmachakra Mudra
This finely sculpted stone Buddha is everything a Buddha composition should be. The Lord has assumed a poorna-padmasana, one of the highest-order dhyanatmaka (meditative) asanas. Perfection in this difficult, broad-based asana is the point of every other asana. In Indian iconography, nobody has it as perfect as the Lord Buddha - the soles of the feet facing the sky, the heels in unison directly beneath the navel, and the knees touching the ground He is seated on.

The mudra of His hands is one of great significance. The dharmachakra mudra is the culmination of all Buddhist teaching. It is a mudra that captures the cycle of dharma and life as we know it, and a rare mudra in that it requires both hands to complete. In this sculpture, one hand is raised to the chest, while the other lies at the juncture of His feet. A composure of samabhava (equanimity) and wisdom distinguish His large, lifelike countenance.

The rest of this handpicked sculpture has all the hallmarks of aesthetic and spiritual superiority. Soft, elongated earlobes, the conch-like serrations at His neck, and the characteristically draped robe. The bitone colour palette is eloquent. The smooth surface of His dusky skin contrasts sharply with the interesting texture of His pristine garment. Placed at a corner of your office or temple, this Lord Buddha statue would exude great calm and bliss.

Item Code: ZEN176
Stone Statue
11.50 inch Height x 8.00 inch Width x 4.00 inch Depth
5.3 Kg.

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