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The Serenity Of Dhyani Buddha

The Serenity Of Dhyani Buddha
A shapely aureole of soft, verdant vines. Gracious lines that define the folds of His robes, which gather in symmetrical waves over His body. The gigantic petals of the freshy blooming lotus, the veritable throne of Enlightenment. Everything about this Lord Buddha sculpture is soothing to the senses and the psyche, especially the rich ivory whiteness of the indigenous wood medium.

The erstwhile Shakyamuni Siddhartha Gautama had spent years as a mendicant and ascetic. The image of Him that forms the subject of our visualisation is the result of that prolonged period of tapa (austerity) and svadhyaya (self-seeking). His limbs gathered in the elusive poorna-padmasana; at the meeting point of the heels His palms turned outwards, the thumbtips touching. Zoom in on each aspect of the sculpture to appreciate the finesse of the carving and polishing.

Note the halo of lotus petals that surrounds the gracious head of the Buddha. A mass of curls coiled in a characteristic bun atop His head, and ears of wisdom that stretch from as high as the brow to the zenith of the clavicles. How irresistibly beautiful is the face of Enlightenment - large, half-shut eyes as wide as the wings of an albatross, a compassionate mouth, respite for the senses as much as for the soul.

Item Code: ZEN048
Wood Statue From Jaipur
10.20 inch Height x 6.00 inch Width x 3.70 inch Depth
0.8 Kg.

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