Standing Hanuman, His Long Tail Making His Halo

Standing Hanuman, His Long Tail Making His Halo

The princely Hanuman is the brightest jewel strung in the necklace of Ramayana characters. Amongst the armies dispatched in all four directions, He was the first to have reached Mother Seeta in Her captivity and offered to rescue Her. Without Him, Lakshamana would not have survived the battle of Lanka. Nothing but His great strike - wherein He set fire to Lanka with His own tail - could have instilled fear in the heart of the invincible King Ravana.

In this fine bronze sculpture, He is depicted in the glory of His full stature. He stands on a multi-tiered lotus-pedestal, in keeping with traditional iconography, and raises a hand in generous blessing. He is worshipped as one of the greatest yogis produced in the history of India. He is an ashtasiddha yogi, His prowess replete with anima, mahima, laghima, prapti, prakamya, ishitva, vashitva, and garima. His devotion to Lord Rama proves that He is capable of the highest order of bhaktiyoga.

Item Code: ZEN589
Panchaloha Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
9.30 inch Height X 3.50 inch Width x 3.10 inch Depth
1.30 kg

From the slender crown towering on His head to the one-of-a-kind panchaloha make, this murti bears all the hallmarks of a fine Swamimalai bronze. Zoom in on the body of Lord Hanuman to take in the sheer proportion of detail in the composition - the serrated mace, the ample adornments, and the lines of His musculature. Note the thick tail that flourishes like a halo behind His head.

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