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The Tall And Gracious Queen Mayadevi

Patina Gold
Antique Gold
Henna Touch
Mud Green Gold
The Tall And Gracious Queen Mayadevi
Wife of Shuddodhana, mother of Siddhartha Gautama, Mayadevi is looked upon as a universal mother by Buddhist devotees everywhere. Legend has it that the Queen of the Shakya clan was on Her way to Her maiden home in order to give birth. However, midway through the route She stumbles upon an enchanting grove and, while Her ladies-in-waiting were still setting up camp, She ends up delivering Prince Gautama. In the moment, She was standing and clutching a branch above Her head for support.

This explains Her stance in the iconography of Queen Mayadevi. In the superb brass sculpture that you see on this page, She is depicted standing with an arm raised above Her head. She is clad in a richly embroidered dhoti tied below the navel, its hems gathered slightly above the ankles. There is nothing but shringar to clothe Her upper body, the most statement aspect of which is the gold karnakundalas grazing Her feminine clavicular structure. A five-spired crown sits on Her brow, behind which Her hair is gathered in a tall bun. Each of these aspects of the composition are in keeping with the traditional devi iconography found in Buddhist art.

Finally, the tall and gracious form of the Himalayan yogini makes for the finest aesthetics of the human form.

Item Code: ZAP17
Brass Statue
21.5 inch Height x 7 inch Width x 4.5 inch Depth
5.7 kg

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