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Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Green Tara in Green Hue - Made in Nepal

Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Green Tara in Green Hue - Made in Nepal

Green Tara, the fierce Buddhist deity is said to be invoked from Boddhisatva Avalokiteshwara’s tear. This Nepali queen’s fierceness embodies protection of evil, overcome obstacles and release of healing energy from fear and ignorance. Her ancient mantra, ‘Om Tara Tuttare Ture Soha’ symbolizes her as the mother of all Buddhas and is associated with enlightened activity and abundance; often considered to be the original Tara and the female consort of Amoghasiddhi (the self born Buddha). She is mostly depicted as sitting in a posture of ease and readiness for action.

Here Green Tara is depicted as sitting on a unique colorful lotus throne; right leg extended showing her readiness to come into action and left leg folded in a meditation posture on the lotus pedestal. Left hand is in vitarka mudra forming a gesture of teaching and right hand is in varada Mudra, in a gesture of charity. Her primary cognizance, a closed blue colored lotus (utpala), appears at her left shoulder symbolizing enlightenment and a full grown pink lotus showcasing purity. She wears a richly patterned pink and blue skirt with a pink colored stole across her shoulders hanging on arms’ sides too; ornamented with a flamboyant jewel crown and two necklaces. This array is complemented by armlets, bracelets, anklets and a girdle. Her vibrant green color and youthful body symbolize her valour and activity.

She is believed to help people cross over from danger to safety and from suffering to happiness. This sculpture made by Nepalese hands clearly reflects Tibetan Buddhist culture and values.

Item Code: ZEM686
8.60 inch Height x 6.50 inch Width x 4.20 inch Depth
1.5 Kg.

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