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Tibetan Buddhist Lotus Singing Bowl

Tibetan Buddhist Lotus Singing Bowl
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Tibetan Buddhist Lotus Singing Bowl has been in use for centuries. It is for healing, as well as for meditation. The Brass Statue, Wood, and Cloth lotus singing bowl form a series of sounds for the restoration of the real vibratory frequencies in mind, out-of-harmony sectors of your body, soul, or the deceased! Firmly press its accompanying sledge circularly alongside the bowl's external rim. A bright, comprehensible tone tells you to reduce the circular motion. Kick off the motion powerfully, instead of casually rolling your wrist.

This lotus singing bowl signifies Tibetan purity. Inside the base is a pure flower, extending skywards from a dark and water-like depth. This is a metaphorical sign of the Tibetan concept of enlightenment through meditation. A lotus is one of the eight signs in Buddhism. This lotus singing bowl, therefore, shows a sample of cultural craftsmanship plus a Tibetan symbol of good luck! This lotus bowl is a unique handmade item with a wooden body and solid harmonic resonance when in action. The thorough force used in forming this bowl is called forth once in use! Its vibration extends through the lotus bowl to the body, spirit, and soul, linking you with all elements and the artisan's factors.

Item Code: ZEN366
Brass Statue, Wood and Cloth
1.5 inch Height x 4 inch Width x 4 inch Depth-Bowl
4.5 inch-Stick
3.7 inch x 3.7 inch-Cushion
0.25 Kg. Weight of Bowl Only

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