Tibetan Buddhist  Mahamaya Devi - Mother of Shakyamuni Buddha

Tibetan Buddhist Mahamaya Devi - Mother of Shakyamuni Buddha

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Queen Mahamaya is profoundly revered in Tibetan Buddhist traditions because it was she, queen of the Shakya clan and wife of King Suddhodana, who gave birth to the Buddha. The birth of the Buddha is the stuff of folklore richly imbued with meaning. When the Queen was passing through the woods on her way to her father's for the final stages of her fateful pregnancy, in keeping with the custom of those days, she was struck by the natural beauty of a grove and ordered her maids to set up camp there. Enamoured by the beckoning beauty of a saal tree in the grove, she reached out for a branch; no sooner had she done so than the pangs of childbirth overcame her and she delivered her baby right then and there. In this one-of-a-kind brass sculpture, the queen is depicted with an arm raised in a stylised dance pose, as if clutching at the branch of the saal tree for support. The tips of her thumb and forefinger brought together signify the beginningless and endless wheel of dharma, while the right leg brought before the left is characteristic of the Tibetan Buddhist goddess iconography she spawned. Note how skilfully one of her necklaces is skilfully made to descend over her gorgeous, maternally charged breasts. The saree draped snugly around her hips is embroidered with scrollwork; her composure of countenance bursts forth with maternal divinity, its proportions highly indicative of Nepalese sculpture; and her form is given a regal silver-like finish befitting of her queenship.
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