Tibetan Buddhist Shakyamuni Buddha on Double Lotus Seat

Tibetan Buddhist Shakyamuni Buddha on Double Lotus Seat

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Lord Buddha in padmasana is a usual statue available in every market very commonly, but what makes this statue distinctive and worth buying for is its extremely perfect carvings, smoothness, solid quality and the beauty in its creation. Shakyamuni sits here on a royal double lotus pedestal with its golden colored leaves highlighted by red and blue beads in a semi-circular order. Attributed in the run-of-the-mill iconography of high browed closed eyes, long earlobes, smiling lips, wavy dot on forehead and three lines on the neck, but the perfection of its carvings, sharp moulds and smooth texture differentiates it from the rest.

Notice the shiny blue hair coils that complement accurately with his robe. He wears a lavish robe of multiple colors. Look carefully to analyse the defined pattern of his robe, having vertical stripes of beads grouped together in two layers each. The dark colored border of blue beads enhances the beauty aspect of this robe and the field area is covered with alternate red and light blue beads.

The sculptor has elegantly veiled the robe over Buddha’s body keeping the design pattern in mind. His right hand is postured in Vitarka Mudra having a sacred and powerful symbol on palm and left hold the begging bowl, slightly above his laps as a sign of him being the head of the order.

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Brass Statue With Fine Inlay Work
18.20 inch Height X 14.00 inch Width x 11.00 inch Depth
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