Tribal Lamp Lady

Tribal Lamp Lady

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An innovated vintage figure of a tribal lady holding out five wick diyas or lamps in a gifting position. This beautifully sculpted tribal lamp lady made of brass enables multiple lighting of diyas in one holder, which can lighten up a room or space, creating a beautiful vintage picture of one's surroundings.

The golden-colored brass sculpture of the tribal lady is seen holding the second right diya with her right hand, and the second left diya with her left hand making a steady equilibrium that can hold the five lamps firmly. Dressed ornately in a flowing robe decorated with beautiful and essential auspicious symbols, the tribal lady lamp is the perfect bearer of your multiple diya holder. Shiva's third eye is seen in the middle of her forehead, which symbolizes the auspicious destruction of any lust within, cowries just above the level of the diyas and conch shells further down, which auspiciously symbolizes victory.

This Tribal lamp lady is suitable for all types of lightings and representations, as light represents the gods of heaven, such as Agni, the spark of light, Indra, the lightening wielding leader of gods, brahman, the eye and prakash, the power of the sky. It can serve as the adequate lighting of your homely events, spiritual moments, and personal meditations. Most notably, it is perfect for deevapali or Diwali, where the lighted diyas or candles represent enlightenment, knowledge, or wisdom.

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Item Code: ZBP63
Brass Statue
5.0 inch x 5.5 inch x 4.5 inch
670 gm
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