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The Wise And Solemn Devi Sarasvati

The Wise And Solemn Devi Sarasvati

A solemn Devi Sarasvati is seated in lalitasana on the back of Her swan. The pristine bird, known for its beauty and poetry of motion, is Her vahana or mount. Its long, lissome neck matches the slender body of the veena which its divine mistress strums on. The veena, a classical musical instrument, is indispensable to the iconography of Devi Sarasvati. As the wife of Lord Brahma, the presiding deity over srshti (creative projection), She is the presiding deity over learning and the fine arts.

The Sarasvati murti that you see on this page is a life-sized number sculpted from pure brass. She is wearing a traditional Northern-style saree. The shringar befits Her status as the queen of paraloka (otherworldly realm of existence); they lie gracefully against the maternal curves of Her youthful body. The chaturbhujadharini, the one possessed of (‘dharini’) four (‘chatur’) arms (‘bhuja’), holds a lotus-bud on the verge of bloom and a pothi of the Vedas in Her posterior hands, while both the anterior hands are devoted to cradling the veena.

An ornate crown sits on Her head. Zoom in on the same to appreciate the level of detail introduced into the structure - the studded jewels, the engravings on the tapering section, and the chakras on the sides. A serrated halo sets off the composure of omniscience of Devi Sarasvati. Another example of the super-skilled workmanship is to be found in the body of the vahana, its plumage having been executed with a lifelike quality. The composition rests on a discus-shaped pedestal engraved with lotus petals.

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Item Code: ZEO551
Brass Statue
24.00 inch Height X 21.50 inch Width x 13.00 inch Depth
32.20 Kg.

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